Privacy Policy

G E N E R A L    I N F O R M A T I O N  /GDPR/

            As being the administrator of personal data for the e-shop, Sport team LTD suits all requirements of the new regulation, collecting data for the clients only when they are indispensable for the delivery of the service and keeps the data with responsibility and conformity with the law.

                        Information concerning the Administrator of personal data

Sport team LTD – internet shop

VAT: 202526047

Head office and address of Management: Sofia, Parchevich str. 64, floor 3


Personal data

The data you commit during the process of registration, commission and conclusion of an agreement, particularly: name, surname, address, telephone number, identification items /IP address, location etc./. Committing us data, including personal data, you declare and guarantee that these data are true and correct and that you are allowed to commit us such a data.

                        Aims of the handling and period of time collects and handles your personal data for the registration in the site, for the conclusion and the fulfillment of a contract for a goods sale between us /identification, including through an online profile, invoice, payment, supply, communication, fulfillment of rights and engagements according to the contract etc./.

            We can also use your personal data for the following concrete aims:

-          To keep in touch with you and commit the required information about our online shop, the way to use it, the goods and services we offer;

-          To exercise our rights or observe our and your lawful interests for the aims of the book-keeping, the control and accountancy, the inspection and tax aims;

-          To send you information, advertisement materials and other messages by  post, e-mail, SMS;

-          For statistics and analysis in the aim to get our services, procedures and politics better;

We preserve your personal data:

-          To conclude and fulfill the contract, for the registration in the site;

-          In case of a single order, we do not preserve your personal data after the fulfillment  and the conclusion of the order/contract;

- preserves your personal data for a period not longer than the existence of your profile in the site. After the expiration of that period, we shall erase and destroy all your data without unnecessary delay;

-          For the book-keeping and control – in conformity with the normatively established book-keeping and control rules. The data, processed and preserved in connection with other normatively established obligations until dropping out of the obligation. For other aims they will be processed and preserved when necessary and according to the lows of protection of the data and the applicable standards;

-          The client has the right to access his own personal data which he put in or they became generally known by as the client used the site, as well to correct these personal data;

-          Every client has the right at any time to withdraw his consent that his personal data should be collected and processed. This can be realized by sending an e-mail to and his data will be erased /the so called right to be forgotten/.

Recipients of personal data

            In fulfillment of our contract, your personal data can be revealed to the following recipients:

-          To the courier and warehouse service/employees for the delivery of the ordered goods; to the deliverers of payment services; to the book-keeping and law company which is attending us; to the companies from which we licensed  specialized program products like book-keeping, warehouse, communication etc. Software of companies which supply us with services and assure technical maintenance for the online shop and the communications /hosting services/ as well to other similar suppliers of services if they need access to your personal data when fulfilling their services;

-          To officials in connection with investigation of illegal activities or doubt of such an activity, or in case of a legal request from state, government or regulatory bodies in connection with the detection, the investigation and prevention of a theft, a crime, a fraud or abuse with services;

-          To partners of ours in case of fulfilling a joint advertisement  campaign, event or action;

-          To third persons in case of sale, merger, infusion, joint enterprise, transfer or other manner of disposition with the hole or a part of our economic activity.

Preservation and safety measures

            The personal data which we process will be processed and preserved as necessary, according to the laws for protection of the data and the applicable standards.

            If finds a violation of the security of your personal data which will create a high risk for your rights and freedom, we shall let you know without unnecessary delay about the violation, as well about the measures we took or we are going to take.

            In case of violation of your rights according to the aforesaid  or the applicable legislation for protection of the personal data, you have the right to make a complaint at the Commission for protection of the personal data. recommends you to keep well and not cede your clients name and password which you use to get into the SITE, so that you will avoid unauthorized access through your clients account.