Ski/snowboard wax  DATAWAX - 37.5g


GREEN - Universal High Performance

No need to worry about the snow conditions, DataWax Universal is ideal for all snow types and temperatures. It is the perfect wax for every situation, on or off piste, race training or in the park. DataWax Universal wax also has specially designed additives to make the wax extra long lasting with great glide.

• Perfect for all snow types and temperatures

• Universal is a performance grade iron on wax for all conditions.

• Iron on Temperature 115°C

YELLOW - Sunfire HP Ski and Snowboard

DataWax Sunfire HP  ski and snowboard wax has long lasting glide and great acceleration particularly in wet or granulated snow conditions. This soft wax works best in these wetter snow conditions. The additional fluoro’s hydrophobic content repels the high water content in the snow and stops the ski or board from rapid deceleration on wet snow.

DataWax Sunfire HP is the perfect wax when the snow temperature is at or above 2°C

• For best results use an iron to hot wax DataWax Sunfire HP into the base.

DataWax Sunfire HP ski and snowboard wax can easily be used as a rub on wax.

• Perfect for end of season skiing.

• Iron on Temperature 100°C

RED - Magma HP Ski and Snowboard Wax

Perfect for the tech room DataWax Magma performs best ironed on and when skiing or riding fresh snow. Both on and off the piste,  DataWax Magma is the perfect wax for high speed as well as excellent protection and nourishment. Its performance level of perfluorocarbons gives faster glide, rapid acceleration and longer lasting protection.

• Best performance at snow temperatures  -8°C to 0°C

DataWax Magma can be used as a rub or iron on wax.

DataWax Magma is the wax of choice for many freestylers and instructors.

• Iron on Temperature 110°C

BLUE - Butane HP Ski and Snowboard Wax

DataWax Butane HP ski and snowboard wax is designed for hard pack, glacier conditions, man made snow or ice. This is the hardest of our snow waxes, giving lasting protection and high speed glide. This is the perfect wax for all skiers and boarders in cold conditions.

As part of the DataWax High Performance range, Butane ski and snowboard wax has a low fluoro content making it the perfect wax for cold snow conditions. It is hard enough to resist the abrasive nature of cold snow crystals while giving fantastic acceleration.

  • Perfect in snow at -16°C to -6°C
  • DataWax Butane HP is a performance grade iron on wax for cold temperature conditions
  • Iron on Temperature 120°C

DATAWAX Graphite Snow Performance

DataWax Graphite Performance gives amazing acceleration and smooth glide perfect end of season snow, man-made snow, indoors, for racing or freestyle run in and landings.
Perfect in all snow conditions.
Best results if the wax is ironed on although using as a rub on is satisfactory.
Iron on Temperature 110°C

green universal
yellow +2
red 0 / -10
blue -6 / -16
graphite acceleration

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Ski/snowboard wax DATAWAX

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